Hi Carissa, we’d love to hear about how you approach risk and risk-taking.

The biggest risk is not taking any risk at all. Those that achieve greatness are those that take risks on themselves in life. You have the responsibility to bet on yourself. If you live within your comfort zone, your world shrinks. If you push yourself outside of your comfort zone, your life expands. When your life expands you create room to invite more of the creative energy into your world, which inspires your next “risk” or creation. One thing really does lead to another. If you have a burst of inspiration, take a risk on that burning desire, as that passion is thrusting you towards your life’s purpose. However, proceed with an open mind.

Often times, what you think you are being called to do or say may not be exactly on point. What matters is that you follow the direction of the calling, which is guiding you to the exact place where you are supposed to be. When you feel a calling, proceed with confidence instead of caution. In life, you can expect to meet naysayers and detractors along the way. Those people will tell you things like, “It’s not practical. You’ll never make it. Few get there.

Don’t lose a good thing. The odds are against you.” What you need to do is strike those distracting thoughts from your headspace and stay away from those energies. You can make it. You can do it. Someone will do it. Others have made it. So why not you? You will never regret doing something born out of inspiration. It is an opportunity to grow, expand, and create. If you dismiss a burning passion within yourself, you will regret not being bold enough to live out your life on this planet at the full potential of what is YOU. Live life to the fullest. That means take risks. If you don’t risk vulnerability, you will never love deeply or live abundantly.

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What should our readers know about your business?
I am the Founder and CEO of BeVeg International. BeVeg is the leading global vegan certification firm and logo for all products that wish to make an official vegan claim. The BeVeg vegan trademark is represented on every continent except Antarctica, and is the only law-firm-issued vegan symbol and lawyer defined vegan standard in the world.

As a vegan from birth, I am most excited to say that I allowed my passion to further my purpose and define my profession. BeVeg stands for truth and transparency in vegan claims. It is about being authentically vegan, authentically truthful, and authentically YOU.  As a lifelong vegan, I’m proud to be able to spend my days speaking my truth as an advocate for a lifestyle I morally and ethically believe in.

To me, veganism is not a trend, it is here to stay, and it is our future. I truly feel that this is what I was born to do. I was born and raised vegan by my Mom. I was groomed to become a lawyer by my Dad. Being the attorney founder and CEO of BeVeg has allowed me to marry who I am with who I’ve become.

This goes back to my first question, and answer, about taking risks. When I first became a lawyer and prosecutor, I was dissatisfied. While I have a passion for justice, I did not have a passion for crime. When I realized the laws around veganism were deficient, I took a risk on myself and decided to create a practice area within my law firm to define an entire area of law that needs to be clarified, defined, extended and further understood.

I want the world to know, that if you believe in something, do not give up. If you are doing something to serve a higher purpose or fulfill a passion, do it with conviction. Your life goes where your energy flows. Your life will work out if you allow it to. When you break away from the mold of societal expectations, you might feel like you’re making things up along the way. My friends, you are supposed to be doing just that! Life is about co-creation and you were born to create. Dig deep inside yourself and ask yourself, what am I here to do? What do I want to do? Do what makes you feel good and trust you will be led to what you are supposed to do. As long as you stay the course and focus forward, you are on the path.

Building a business is not easy. Many things will arise to throw you off course and out of balance. Just be patient with the process and stay on the path as challenges arise. When you’re on the path to getting “there” you will feel aligned, inspired, in sync, and alive!

The BeVeg vegan certification standard is positioned to be the first accredited vegan standard in the world. That means vegan claims will now be held legally accountable. Stay tuned for my upcoming book to be released by Vegan Publishers publishing house called Vegan Law: Know Your Rights. Also, keep an eye out for another book to be released entitled the Laws THAT Matter — for the spiritual seeker who wants to live their most divinely inspired life according to Universal Procedural Law with complete deference to Karmic Cosmic Law and Order.

Please check out my weekly show called the Laws THAT Matter that streams LIVE on Jane Unchained News Network for the Voiceless. While it is a vegan network for the animals, I use the platform to inspire veganism and spiritual transformation.


Any places to eat or things to do that you can share with our readers? If they have a friend visiting town, what are some spots they could take them to?

First, I’d take my best friend to CNN studios to see where I got my start on the air as a regular television legal expert for the Nancy Grace Show. Then, I’d take her for some delicious vegan Indian food in Midtown. Finally, I’d take her for an escape outside of the city to my log home in the Appalachian Mountains to hike, deer watch, canoe, eat candy apples, meditate, catch up by a fire, and recharge!

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Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
My Mom and my Dad deserve the biggest shout out for making me — me. My parents, though divorced and quite different have very much, in their own way, put me on my most perfect life path. Every piece of advice, parenting, or challenge they saw me though or put me though was a life lesson that built my character. I believe that on a soul level, our core is all the same.

We are spiritual beings and not of this world. However, our life experiences in this world and our reaction to those experiences dress our souls with different outfits. Those outfits mark character. For those that compliment my success and character, I have to say character building is not easy. I give recognition to my parents for being the leading characters, coaches, and role models in my life. Much of what others see as success in my life’s success is a reflection of how I was raised. For that, thank you, Mom and Dad for teaching me that success is earned and that challenges build character. Love you guys!

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