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Concious Corner The only Time that Matters…  present moment classic timepiece shop now Join the NOW  Movement. Proceeds benefit the Alzheimers cause.Alzheimers patients live in the NOW. “While she may be ‘losing her mind’ she is teaching me profound lessons about ‘mindfulness’ We live in moments not time, as the only time we agree on is NOW” […]
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LEARN HOW TO USE Spiritual Laws TO BENEFIT YOU. GET Book Use Spiritual Laws to win life’s trialsHow to effectively practice the Laws that Matter If you’re an acting officer of the Supreme’s Court, God is in your court. Witness miraculous Universal laws at play that go way beyond theLaw of Attraction Summon your desires! Discover […]
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Carissa is a ballerina-turned lawyer, entrepreneur, CEO, TV host, philanthropist,animal lover, author, multifaceted woman who, despite the many costume changes,manages to continuously strive to live her life morally en pointe. National TV Legal Expert   Carissa is a CEO of a global company and an awarded-Super Lawyer, with regular legal expert appearances for major media […]
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