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After an accident, you may be contacted by an insurance adjuster for an at-fault person or entity to discuss settlement. The purpose of the call may be to elicit information about the accident in order to place you at fault, or to get you to accept a lower settlement than you deserve. Get the advice of a skilled personal injury lawyer in New York immediately. Do not give any recorded or unrecorded statement to an insurance adjuster without consulting your own personal injury lawyer. Whether you are dealing with the consequences of a car accident, slip and fall, wrongful death or another devastating accident, you need experienced New York City and New York State personal injury lawyers by your side. Attorneys at the Law Offices of Carissa Kranz will passionately fight for your right to compensation.

How Do I Know If I Have A New York Personal Injury Case And Need A New York Personal Injury Lawyer?

In order to file a personal injury claim in New York, the plaintiff must be able to prove that the defendant is liable for the injuries and if so what are the nature and the extent of the damages. If you have been injured as the result of the negligence of another person or entity, liability and damages are the two main bases to establish if you have a case, and what kind of case you have. If you believe you can prove liability and damages, you may have a case and should contact a skilled personal injury lawyer in New York to discuss it.

New York Personal Injury Cases We Handle

Motor Vehicle Accidents:

If you or a loved one was involved in a motor vehicle accident, you need to establish the negligence of a defendant driver to justify compensation for your injuries. This means that you will need to show that the defendant owed the plaintiff a duty of care, failed to abide by that duty, and thereby caused injuries to the plaintiff. This is causation. Causation is easiest to prove when there are witnesses or a police report that gives the other driver in the car or truck the ticket. Many drivers are negligent and careless behind the wheel, such as by texting while driving, driving while drunk or intoxicated, speeding, or failing to yield at intersections, failing to stop at stop signs or red lights, etc. If you believe you can prove a negligence driver claim, you may be able to obtain compensation for medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, and other costs and losses due to the bodily harm and injury you sustained as a result of their negligence.

We handle all types of car accidents at the Law Offices of Carissa Kranz. Since our offices are in Manhattan we are a go to New York and New York City Car accident law firm. Our New York Injury attorneys handle head on collisions, New York intersections collision accidents, rear end accidents in New York and all five boroughs, pedestrian accidents in New York City (which are unfortunately too many), New York drunk driving accidents, New York motorcycle accidents, New York bicycle accidents, New York bus accidents, New York truck accidents, New York train accidents, airplane and aviation accidents, New York boating accidents, New York cruise ship accidents, New York taxi cab accidents, New York Uber accidents, New York Lyft accidents, New York via accidents, and similar other type of automobile crash and collision accidents that occur in New York City and State.

Premises Liability

Have you suffered injury from a slip and fall or trip and fall? Are you injured on someone else’s property, due to the negligence of the property owner or manager? If yes, you may have a valid personal injury claim or lawsuit against the responsible party through a premises liability claim. These cases often arise from accidents caused by dangerous, hazardous, and defective conditions at the premises of a property. This is another type of negligence claim where you need to establish the property owner knew or reasonably should have known about the dangerous condition, and the owner failed to repair it or warn visitors about it. Knowledge can be proven through actual notice or constructive notice. Constructive notice means the responsibility was on legal notice even if they were not on actual notice.

Some premises liability matters our injury lawyers handle include injuries or death resulting from slip and falls due to cracked sidewalks and pavement, potholes in the ground that should not be there, faulty cellar grates or cellar doors, defective building maintenance, elevator and escalator malfunctions in New York, negligent security (leading to battery, assault, rape or murder), injury in New York office buildings or residential New York apartment buildings or coops, New York City sidewalk trip and fall injuries, explosion and fire accidents in New York and New York City. We also handle New York construction accidents from crane accidents, scaffolding accidents, ladder accidents, saw and cutting accidents from the blade, accidents where victims are run over and seriously injured or killed by operating equipment, New York construction site falls, New York window washer accidents and falls, forklift accident and falls in New York, and more.

Wrongful Death And Catastrophic Injuries

When someone dies through the negligent act of another, a wrongful death claim lawsuit may be brought on behalf of the surviving spouse and/or family. So long as the death was caused by a defendant’s careless, negligent, reckless or wrongful actions, the victim’s family likely has a valid personal injury wrongful death case. The damages incurred may be recovered by the estate of the decedent, or the one who died. A family bringing a wrongful death claim after a fatal accident may be able to recover compensation for their loss and in certain cases for the conscious pain and suffering of the decedent prior to his or her death. Every state differs on how to assign pain and suffering damages to the decedent’s family for the decedent who is now dead and unable to testify or make any claim for the suffering incurred in the moments, hours, days, weeks, or months leading up to the death. We understand wrongful death cases are the most painful for family members and overwhelming to handle.

The Law Offices of Carissa Kranz has skilled New York personal injury lawyers on staff ready to help you through your grief and achieve emotional validation and justice through financial compensation. Likewise, our injury lawyers are here to help you through catastrophic injury cases as well. Many of our clients have recovered millions from traumatic brain injuries, paralysis, paraplegic, spinal cord injuries, and other catastrophic life altering and life threatening injuries and surgeries. Contact us today for your free consultation.

What Damages Are Subject To Compensation In A New York Personal Injury Case?

The most common damages claimed in a New York personal injury lawsuit are bodily injury damages and pain and suffering endured as a result of the injury, lost wages related to the injury and medical expenses, (past, current and future). All of these damages combined determine case value and compensation. Skilled New York personal injury lawyers at the Law Offices of Carissa Kranz can guide you. Our injury attorneys are experts and will help you organize your case medicals, lost wages, and strategize with you on how to obtain maximum compensation for your injuries, as we litigate liability and damages for you.

How Is Pain And Suffering Compensated In New York Personal Injury Claims?

Under New York Law the amount that can be recovered for pain and suffering varies from case to case. Value depends on many factors including the liability of the negligent defendant, causation of the injury, the severity and permanency of your injury, the loss of income as a result of the injury, and other ascertainable damages. Generally speaking, pain and suffering are non-economic damages sustained by the negligence of the defendant. If your case is settled out of court, in mediation, your personal injury attorney will negotiate with the defendant the amount of the compensation for pain and suffering on your behalf. If your case goes to trial, the jury will decide what amount will be awarded for pain and suffering. A jury assigns a number for pain and suffering based on expert testimony provided by your lawyer from doctors, economists, expperts, witnesses, and others. Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results. Every case is different and an injury lawyer will help you determine your case value and risks based on your special set of facts.

How Much Does A Consultation With A NYC Personal Injury Attorney Cost?

Contact the Law Offices of Carissa Kranz today for your free case consultation. We do not collect anything from you, and we only get paid if we recover money for you. Injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, which gives us incentive to work really hard for your recovery. Personal injury lawyers only get paid if you get paid.

How Can A New York Personal Injury Lawyer Help Me?

At the Law Offices of Carissa Kranz, our personal injury attorneys have successfully represented individuals and families in New York who have suffered injury and death by the negligent or reckless conduct of another. It is devastating and overwhelming to deal with your injuries or the loss of a loved one in addition to the mounting costs, expenses and emotional drain from the suffering caused by serious personal injury. When you hire a skilled New York personal injury lawyer, you are in the hands of the best experts in the industry. For example, to win your case, at no cost to you unless we win, we hire accident reconstructionists, biomechanical engineers, medical doctors, forensic pathologists, economists and other experts from the various disciplines to win your personal injury case on both liability and damages. It is our goal to get you compensated for pain and suffering, lost wages, medical expenses, and many other monetary costs that have arisen from your injuries. Our personal injury trial lawyers will work with you, side by side, to litigate your case, as our firm prepares it for trial.

Consult An Experienced New York City Lawyer For Your Personal Injury Case

The New York City personal injury attorneys at the Law Offices of Carissa Kranz represent people in New York County, the Bronx, Kings and Queens, as well as Richmond, Nassau, Suffolk, and Westchester Counties, and throughout New York State. If you are in a hospital or at home recovering, we can come to you. We work for free until we win for you. You do not owe us anything unless we recover money for you. Contact us now for your free consultation.

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