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BeVeg – Vegan Certification

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BeVeg Vegan Certification

Veganism is increasing on average 1500% a year, and often is the #1 google search term in urban cities. Undeniably, the vegan, plant-based, lifestyle is multiplying, and therefore, it should come as no surprise that the global market for ethically packaged and labelled foods is projected to be a trillion dollar industry.

Vegan is a person who consumes no products that come from animals and who abstains from using animal products that contribute to animal exploitation in their day to day routine (i.e. beverages, food, cosmetics, clothes, businesses, etc.). For this reason, buying decisions are more strict, thoughtful, and conscious.

BeVeg vegan certification means no animal ingredients or animal by-products used in the product, in the manufacturing of the product, and no animal testing of the product. BeVeg vegan certification helps you to increase consumer trust.

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BeVeg – Vegan Certification