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Injured by the negligence of another? Personal Injury Lawyers are on Call for you. Get the personal attention you deserve for the personal injury you didn’t deserve.

The Law Offices of Carissa Kranz is a personal injury-only law firm focused on client results. Over the years, we have handled every type of loss, injury and death case, from settlement to verdict. The largest reward for us, however, is helping injured victims and families in finding relief, justice and compensation, knowing their case matters. Personal injury law is about righting what’s been wronged. Contact our experienced personal injury lawyers today, and we will help. Our main office is in Palm Beach, but we have personal injury legal teams in Offices from coast to coast: Florida, California, New York, and Washington D.C.

If you have been injured by the negligence of others, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your loss of income, pain and suffering, emotional distress, permanent or partial disability, and other resulting injuries. Personal Injury victims can file a personal injury claim for physical injury, emotional injury, and, occasionally, for property damages. Further, in some cases – such as those involving catastrophic injuries, traumatic brain injuries, or wrongful death – the family of the injured or deceased can file suit on behalf of a loved one.

Common negligence claims handled by the Law Offices of Carissa Kranz include personal injuries resulting from: car accidents, slip and falls, trip and falls, truck accidents, bike accidents, motorcycle accidents, premises liability, boat accidents, plane accidents, and other accidents due to the negligence of others.

Catastrophic Injury Negligence Claims

Do you have severe long term permanent injury? Paralysis? Paraplegic?

What is considered a catastrophic injury?

It is generally understood that a catastrophic injury is one that severely injures a plaintiff and leads to long-term, if not permanent, disability and disfigurement. While there is no exact legal definition of “catastrophic injury“, they often entail a difficult recovery process, multiple surgeries, and possibly a lifetime of medical treatment. A plaintiff suffering a catastrophic injury may also be unable to return to work, either in his or her chosen field or any field at all.

Catastrophic Injury Defined:

If the injured person will be unable to perform all of life’s functions on a long-term basis, and will require some level of assistance (live-in care, for example), then the injury is likely to be deemed “catastrophic“. Long-term injuries that result in some level of permanent disability and prevent the victim from earning a living (in the same or similar line of work they were in pre-injury) will likely be considered catastrophic.

Catastrophic Injury Examples:

Some examples of personal injuries that might be considered “catastrophic” for purposes of an injury claim include spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries (TBI), injuries that result in partial or total paralysis, injuries that result in the loss of a limb, severe burn injuries, and injuries that result in disfigurement and significant scarring. In every personal injury negligence case, the injured person is entitled to damages — meaning compensation for all losses stemming from the injuries and their impact. Damages are not only much higher in a catastrophic injury case, but the facts and arguments needed to prove the extent of those damages are more complex, which is why discussing the case with an experienced personal injury attorney is necessary.

Injuries Caused by Defective Products

Manufacturers are responsible for product defects that cause injury.

Manufacturers and sellers of products have a duty to ensure that their products are reasonably fit, suitable or safe for their intended use by consumers. A manufacturer that fails to prevent a defect in a product that causes injuries may be liable for the resulting harm. At the Law Offices of Carissa Kranz, we help you recover compensation when you are injured or lose a loved one because of a dangerous or defective product.

How are liability and compensation determined?

Product manufacturers, designers or sellers may be held responsible in a lawsuit when their products have design defects or manufacturing defects or they do not contain adequate warnings or instructions:

Design defects — Design defects exist when there is alternative design that would be safer than the one manufactured that is not overly costly, that is practical and that has the same primary purpose as the original, dangerous design.

Manufacturing defects — Manufacturing defects exist when the resulting design is different from the intended design, the product is poorly made, there are worker errors, poor materials are used or there are other errors that occur during the manufacturing process.

Failure to warn — Manufacturers may be responsible for your injuries if the product did not contain adequate instructions or warnings of dangers of use or misuse not immediately apparent.

In addition to being strictly liable for defective products, manufacturers may also be held responsible for personal injury or wrongful death when a product injures you because of the manufacturer’s negligence. They may also be responsible for breach of warranty, including promises, statements or advertisements about a product incorrect or untrue.

What types of products can cause personal injuries?

Personal Injury Attorneys help victims recover compensation from manufacturers for injuries caused by all types of defective products, including:

  • Auto defects, including poor crashworthiness and rollovers
  • Defective automotive parts
  • Defective toys and children’s products
  • Defective household products
  • Defective appliances
  • Power tool defects
  • Defective heavy machinery and workplace equipment
  • Gas station explosions
  • Defective medical devices and pharmaceutical drugs

What are common types of personal injuries from defective products?

All types of serious or even fatal injuries can result from the use of products defectively designed or manufactured or that do not contain adequate warnings.

  • Head and brain injuries
  • Back, neck and spine injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Burns and scars
  • Chemical burns
  • Toxic exposure
  • Amputations
  • Internal bleeding and injuries to organs
  • Suffocation and brain damage from lack of oxygen
  • Injuries to children

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